Asset Security
All transactions made by the EXODIA DAO must pass through our multi-sig safety net.
Multi-signatures are special contracts which act as wallets. They require a certain threshold of signers to approve transactions before they can be executed. In this way, multi-sigs act to protect the community by avoiding a single point of failure. We have three different multi-sig wallets.

Team Wallet

Description: Has ownership of the contracts (except the treasury) and can change policy. Requires 3/5 signatures.

DAO Wallet

Description: Contains the treasury. Also holds the team funds, in EXOD, which are minted when bonds are sold. These funds are for development purposes. Requires 3/5 signatures.

Ethereum Wallet

Description: Holds the exodiadao.eth domain. Requires 3/5 signatures.
For added security, our DAO Wallet and Ethereum Wallet require signatures from leading Fantom Community members.
These members are shown below.
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